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Exp and Log

, 1402 words.
Musings on the generalization of some famous functions, spawned from a long standing discussion with a friend.

Duodactyl manipulation

, 397 words.
Two fingers moving on a screen can perform gestures naturally associated with dragging, rotating and zooming. Any gesture univoquely determines a direct similitude of the euclidean plane. Let’s see how.

Bézier hypersurfaces

, 1001 words.
I like my women how i like my interpolations: smooth, curvy, and computationally stable. Preferably, in dimension higher than three. This is a quick reference note for some handy math.

Matrices preserving metrics

, 1602 words.
This is an unfinished calculation to parametrize a generalized Lorentz group.

Grammar of rational layouts

, 497 words.
I once needed to describe with a single string the sizes and the positions of all rectangular viewports tiling a screen. It was meant for transmission via a GET request, but then I got carried away.

Higher-dimensional partitions

, 267 words.
The notion of integer partition seemingly eludes a generalization. I’m keeping track of some references and known results here.

Transfinite formal power series

, 900 words.
Polynomials are for weaklings and we long for a generalization – well, I do. Therefore I’ve jotted down some thoughts on a lazy afternoon.

Elementary properties of simplicial gaskets

, 806 words.
Let’s consider some geometric characteristics of a straightforward generalization of Sierpiński gaskets! Nothing fancy, just napkin computations.

Enumerare associazioni

, 390 words.
Mi è stato chiesto: in quanti modi un'operazione di arietà arbitraria può agire su di un numero finito di elementi? Rispondo.

Lorem Ipsum

, 405 words.
This is not a post.